Handmade on O’ahu

Built 100% on the Hawaiian Island of O’ahu, Lanikai’s Makau Series honors the island’s fame as the home of the world’s finest ukuleles. Using the top 1% of solid Koa wood collected from the high slopes of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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We’re Serious About Making You Happy!

Lanikai Ukuleles bridge the gap between Hawaiian ukulele tradition and the needs of the discerning modern player.  We promote the joy of making music with innovative design and detailed craftsmanship created from a confluence of culture, time, and place. We are dedicated to the serious hobbyist, professional performer, and ukulele player that demands more from their instrument.  We’ve challenged ourselves to craft ukuleles that play, perform, and sound like no other – allowing players to uniquely express themselves through our instruments and find their own sound with Lanikai.

Customer Testimonials

Thanks again for your consideration and great service, I will certainly buy Lanikai again and tell others to also!

Jeffrey L.

We received the tuners and have put it to good use.  My students and I would like to thank you for all the help and cooperation.

Again Mahalo for all your help,


Many thanks for your reply, I really appreciate that you have taken the time to try to get me the information. Thanks again for all your tremendous help,

Chris R.

Thanks so much for excellent customer support!

Jayden M.

Just wanted to thank you folks for making such a wonderful Ukulele. I recently acquired a LU-21B and it’s such a joy to play. I am simply amazed by the quality, tone, action and sustain. Keep up the good work..!!

Cliff D.

Just a note to say thank you for your help.  The Lanikai SOT-6EK arrived Tuesday in fine shape.  Beautiful looking instrument, perfect condition and with a magnificent sound.  Interesting how after tuned, played and allowed to rest for a while, the instrument seems to open up in tone and volume when next played.  One of the many nice experiences about playing an acoustic instrument.

Again, appreciate your assistance

Tom K.

I bought my LUTU-21C just to learn just to entertain our granddaughter. I’d been daydreaming about this for a while but then her other grandparents brought her one from Hawaii. So then I had to start learning. But things have gotten a little carried away. A friend talked me into learning to play the song Margaretville with his band, Hat Trick. Now I also have a LQA-CCA. It not only plays and sounds great but it’s a beautiful instrument!

Phil G.

This is my first uke and I am very happy with it. Oh Look, Lanikai does make you happy!

Bob S.

Thank you! You and your department are keeping up your reputation for customer service. I have two Lanikai ukes already and will soon add a third–and maybe a fourth!

William P.

Well, that was super fast!  What great customer service!

Thank you!

Shari L.

I really appreciate your assistance, you went above and beyond!!

Have a great day!!


Tammy G.

Just received our Lanikai LU-21 tenor for me and Concert for my wife.  Lovely tones on both; thank you and Aquilla !

The intonation was spot-on which was precisely why we purchased new instruments – our previous “cheapies” were way out in intonation and sounded horrible on chords when correctly tuned on open strings.

Thanks for great instruments and solid timber. Lanikai’s will be on the shopping list if/when our playing improves to warrant an upgrade in musical expenditure.

Thanks, Lanikai.

Martin B.

Wow. That is a one pretty ukulele! After getting your response yesterday, I started scouring the internet for info on your different models; reviews, youtube video samples, etc. There is a lot that draws me to the SMP, including the tone, stripped down look, pretty wood, grover tuners, sexy stripe, and that headstock! Classy!

Seriously though, thanks again so much. I really appreciate that you suggested an instrument that retails at a higher price point than the one I purchased, and all the time you’ve spent on me so far. It’s obvious you care about customer satisfaction. My apologies for the barrage of questions. Take your time!

Amanda K.

wanted to thank you for hanging in there with me while I figured the problem out on my baritone uke. I’ve solved my own problem. It was very kind of you to offer to help when I made it clear up front that this was no fault of the company. I guess when you buy from a distributor of factory seconds, you take your chances, but it’s nice to know that you guys value the company name enough that you were willing to stand behind it in such a weird situation.

You’ve definitely reinforced my pleasure and pride to be an owner of Lanikai equipment.



Rick B.

I wanted to thank you and your company for the wonderful Ukulele, case and tee shirt.

I received it about 3 weeks ago.

It is a beautiful instrument. I love playing it and I hope, with practice, to get the most out of it.

Mahalo nui loa


Joe T.

Hello there, I just got home and I received my package from Hawaii. It’s gorgeous, it sounds great, no structural or tone flaws whatsoever. Thank you so much you guys for your prompt attention and professionalism I appreciate it. Thank you

Chris N.

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