Band:  Solo Artist


Instruments:  Quilted Maple Blue Stain Concert A/E Ukulele | Acacia Solid Top 5 String Tenor A/E Ukulele | All Mahogany Tenor A/E Ukulele


Bio:  Known for her prowess on the ukulele and powerful singing voice, Wilma James is a gigging musician based in Stuart, FL. Coming from growing up on the local theater stage and also generally being a very excited nerd, this girl loves to bring a lot of energy to every performance. She boasts a wide variety of covers, though especially loves pop/rock songs from any decade, and even has a few originals. Wilma is also an accomplished background vocalist, having previously performed with acts such as fellow Lanikai Artist Jess Lee and traveling duo The Little Things.

I’ve loved my Lanikai ukuleles for a long time now and only seem to fall more and more in love every time I pick up a new one. They’re versatile, beautiful and incredibly well-crafted. I’m always so proud to show them off while gigging.

--Wilma James