Band: T3TRA


Instruments: Quilted Maple Blue Stain Tenor A/E Ukulele


Bio: Tess Dunn, the 24-year old force behind T3TRA, isn’t afraid to call anyone out, including herself. She’s overcome more obstacles in her young life than most of us will ever face. Already a touring recording artist by her early teens, T3TRA is the culmination of years of honing her craft. Her electro-tinged dreamscapes recall Halsey, CHVRCHES, and Robyn, though the lyrical vulnerability and willingness to pull no punches is pure T3TRA.

T3TRA’s music explores themes of love, lust, and loss with an unwavering eye. As she notes about her lyrics, “I write songs about the things nobody and everybody likes to talk about.” With pulsing beats, layers of lush synths, and compelling vocals, T3TRA’s music is a blast of danceable angst.


Lanikai Ukuleles are for the professional musician, from the bedroom to the studio to the stage. When I’m writing, it’s on my beautiful 6-string ukulele. When I’m in the studio, demos are cut on my tenor. When I play a show, I’m not wondering if I’ll bring a ukulele – I’m wondering which one to bring. Lanikai ukuleles are perfect for every stage of songwriting, from idea to live execution.

-- Tess Dunn