Band: Colored Houses


Instruments: Acacia Solid Top Tenor A/E Ukulele


Bio: Growing up in sunny San Diego California, it only made sense that when 12-year-old Raye Robinson picked up her first ukulele, a mahogany tenor Lanikai, she never wanted to put it down. She is now 21, living in Hollywood California, and still playing her trusty tenor uke. Having just graduated from Musicians Institute, she started the band Blossum, and they are currently working on an EP to be released in the Spring of 2019.


I have been playing Lanikai Since the first time I picked up the ukulele, and have never looked back. I love the way that Lanikai is able to blend the sound of a traditional Hawaiian ukulele with the function that I expect from any instrument; I haven’t been able to find that in any other ukulele.

-- Raye Robinson