Band:  Solo Artist


Instruments:  Acacia Solid Top 6 String Tenor A/E Ukulele | Spruce Solid Top Mahogany Back and Sides Baritone Ukulele


Bio:  With a Debut EP release “The Shape of Light” early 2020 and ABC radio featured airplay from her latest single ‘Love Inside’Oct 2020 and a new single on its way to be released June 11th. , Miss Elm has created a steadily growing fan base with a powerful live performance to match. Fiercely entering the new world with a ukulele (or two) in one hand, and a loop pedal in the other, Miss Elm’s music is a whirlwind journey from angst to surrender. With diverse use of the Ukulele, layered vocals heart-led lyrics Miss Elm controls a sense of grace that is hard to look away from. It’s as though she’s put you in a trance from which you’ll have no desire to take flight from.

This singer-songwriter continues to establish her penchant for crafting truly immersive and endearing gems of sound. If you’re not already listening to this artist, we strongly recommend you change that.

Ummm Hello, I don’t think I have heard Ukulele songs sound this cool!
Miss Elm you’re a game changer and the complexity that you bring to your music is noted and loved. The folk-noir, twisted vibe is also great.
Nkechi Anele – Triple J Roots and All Host

I first started playing ukulele when I was mesmerized by the 6 string tenor working in a music store. I loved the diversity of sound it could produce and immediately started writing songs on it. I’m now just finishing off a 5 track EP only recorded on my Lanikai 6 String Acacia Tenor and my Solid Spruce Top Baritone. I take my ukes everywhere! They are a part of me.

--Miss Elm