Band: Solo Artist 


Instruments:  All Solid Acacia Concert Ukulele | LU-21 Soprano Ukulele


Bio:  Katie Mullins is a teacher, singer, creator, and presenter based in Cleveland, Ohio. Having grown up in a large family that frequently gathered for “fam jams” that involved a banjo, a wash-tub bass, guitars, egg shakers, harmonicas, and many voices, music has always played a large role in Katie’s life. She is grateful to add a “ukulele chorus” to the family jam sessions and honored to be a Lanikai artist.

Katie is passionate about music in schools, and she seizes the opportunity to integrate music into her third grade classroom whenever possible. She believes that music not only engages students but also encourages risk-taking, inspires creativity, and acknowledges that every student has a voice. She has written more than twenty songs for use in the classroom and loves sharing them on Instagram @teachingontables. She has presented to hundreds of teachers from around the country with renowned educator Wade King on “Making Educational Magic with Music” at Get Your Teach On, a conference that highlights the way engagement strategies allow teachers to increase rigor in the classroom.

Katie is currently working on expanding her repertoire of songs for the classroom and finding more ways for all students to encounter music daily. Katie received her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and her Master of Education from the University of Notre Dame.

“I absolutely love my Lanikai ukuleles. They are beautiful and affordable, and there are so many different options from which to choose. As a teacher, I love that my ukulele is lightweight and portable so that I can bring it to the classroom. I truly believe that anyone can learn to play the ukulele, and purchasing a Lanikai is the perfect way to get started!”

--Katie Mullins