MOUNT JULIET, TN, March 2024 When musician and content creator Gabby Keen entered a contest with Lanikai Ukuleles, she didn’t know that it would end with her joining the Lanikai artist roster. At a young age, Keen has already performed around the country with the band she formed with her siblings, TRHibe, and been featured with them on CMT in a music video for their single “Constantine.” She has also built a following as a tireless content creator, producing new performance videos for social media every week with her “Friday Tunes” series.

Before entering the Lanikai 20-Year Anniversary contest, Keen had already been playing a Lanikai ukulele for years in her “Friday Tunes” series and THRibe performance videos.

With Lanikai ukulele in hand, Keen recorded a 20-second cover of Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” and submitted it. Her vibrant performance and enthusiastic followers secured her a winning slot in the contest and initiated a conversation with the Lanikai team. Keen joining the Lanikai artist roster continues her journey as an ambassador of her favorite brand of ukuleles.

“The first ukulele that really made me feel like a professional was a Lanikai,” says Keen, “and I now have one of my Lanikai ukes with me almost everywhere I go!”

The team at Lanikai Ukuleles is thrilled to have Keen on board and acknowledge her long-time support of the brand. Gabby plays a Lanikai All Solid Acacia Tenor Ukulele (ACS-CET) and an All Solid Morado Tenor Ukulele (MRS-CET)

“While she has been creating content with Lanikai for years,” Lanikai Artist Relations Manager Jesse Hanks says, “we really took notice when she swept the Lanikai 20-Year Anniversary Contest, easily winning the ‘Most Likes’ with her video. Once we saw her incredible passion and work ethic producing music and videos, partnering with her was a no-brainer.”

Keen puts that persistent passion to good use, tirelessly spreading joy and positivity through her music. In addition to the joyfulness she infuses into her playing and videos, she also uses her talents to give back, recording songs to raise funds for charity and performing in hospitals.

Keen’s exuberance also leads her into a wide variety of musical genres from country and rock to Christian and pop music. Her dedication to authenticity and emotional resonance shines through in every note and lyric, captivating listeners and fans alike.

As Gabby Keen embarks on this new chapter with Lanikai Ukuleles, her journey as a musician and ambassador for music continues to inspire and uplift countless hearts around the world.

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