Band: Kings of Ukulele

Instruments:  Acacia Tenor A/E Ukulele | All Solid Morado Tenor A/E Ukulele | All Solid Mahogany Tenor A/E Ukulele | Makau Manana | Makau Makapuu

Bio:  Alec “Cheef” Poletsky is a multi-instrumentalist from Virginia Beach, VA, and Lanikai Ukulele player since 2005.

Cheef is a studio musician, educator, contributing writer for Ukulele Magazine, and Co-founding member of The Kings of Ukulele band.

In 2013 Cheef joined the Lanikai family as an endorsed artist. He has performed product videos for both Lanikai and Kohala Ukuleles as well as demonstrated their new instrument models at Winter NAMM 2014 (where he won SGV Magazine’s Best Acoustic Performance Award), Winter NAMM 2015, and the 2015 Pilgrimage Festival in TN.


“It’s exciting that out of all the instruments that I play, Lanikai ukuleles get the most attention from fans at shows.”

-- Cheef