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A Ukulele Revolution!

Have you ever tuned up your ukulele and played one chord in tune then switch to another chord and it plays out of tune? The strings are stretched and the open strings are in tune, but for some reason that second chord plays out of tune… Well my friends that is what is called poor intonation! There are many issues that cause poor intonation and TunaUke Technology solves them all. With this technology we have achieved over a 90% improvement!

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Chords and notes ring true. It will make any player sound better.

Shawn Steen, Jam Brothers Music, Walnut Creek CA

A very solid ukulele and the BEST one that could be grabbed up by a beginner without question.

Ukeonomics Blog

A simple ukulele with a revolutionary fine tuning.

Uke4U Review Blog

The Evolution of Intonation

For the first time ever in the history of the instrument you can overcome all the obstacles and have a ukulele that plays open chords in tune all the way up the neck. TunaUke Technology will first be available in our best selling LU Series! All mahogany construction, Rosewood fingerboard, and geared tuners with black buttons. Our favorite ukes will sound better than ever! Available in Soprano, Pineapple, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone sizes!

It’s been well over 100 years the uke’s been in Hawaii and besides exotic woods, pickup/preamp, and cutaways nothing has improved the overall intonation until this came along. The compensated nut and adjustable saddles are a must have for all uke players.”

Ron Ravelo, Westside Music, Waipahu HI

The Lanikai TunaUke bridge system provides a simple yet affordable solution to the age old problem of ukulele intonation. It is truly an innovation that will be heard around the world, quite literally!

John Gonzalez Del Sol, Fan Guitar & Ukulele, Richmond VA

I find the TunaUke system to be a great innovation for uke players and I can’t wait to

see what Lanikai comes out with next.

David Hutto Jr, Zen Ukes, Orangeburg, SC

No Tools Required.

Compensated Nut: Between the four strings the differences in string width and tension are substantial. By compensating the distance between the first fret and the nut we are able to make open chords sound as smooth as silk.

Movable Saddle: Traditional straight saddles on a ukulele or any other fretted instrument are detrimental to good intonation. With nylon strings even “compensated saddles” are a complete fallacy. The issue is that nylon strings are by their nature, inconstant. After much testing we found the only way to improve on this is to create movable saddle technology to allow the player to adjust the amount of compensation for each string.

How it’s done.

This video will show you how to quickly and easily lower the saddles (and string action) on any Lanikai TunaUke. Check it out!

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