Lanikai by Aquila Ukulele Strings

Lanikai by Aquila Strings

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Lanikai has partnered with Aquila, the world’s premier ukulele string  manufacturer based in Italy, to bring their most popular strings to a store near you. Aquila Nylgut strings come equipped on all Lanikai ukuleles. Is your uke starting to sound a little dull after a few months of playing?  Brighten up your sound with Lanikai Nylgut by Aquila strings! 

Available in high G soprano, concert, and tenor. Available in low D in baritone.

2 reviews for Lanikai by Aquila Strings

  1. 5 out of 5


    my lanikai lu-21c comes up with Aquila strings. and it sounds the best

  2. 4 out of 5


    Aquilas were not stock on my Lanikai ACS-T Solid Acacia purchased 01-18, which arrived with light gauge D’Addarios that produced inadequate resonance, volume and sustain. I put on New Nylguts and now the uke sounds great.

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