Our friend Cheef Poletsky shared this pic with us from a recent live performance of his group The Kings of Ukulele, and we had to share. More and more often we see talented, independently minded ukulele performers taking our instruments to new heights – hoping to break out and make a name for themselves in the spotlight.

Passion for music gives us the drive, but it’s choosing the right tools that can make or break a performer. That’s why we equip our Acoustic/Electric Lanikai Ukuleles with the Fishman Kula System. With a built-in chromatic tuner, volume control, and 3 separate EQ knobs voiced specifically for the ukulele – it’s simply the best ukulele preamp on the market, the clear choice to accompany our Lanikai Ukuleles.

For the musician who demands performance when it counts, our acoustic/electric ukuleles deliver.

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