Hi everyone!

Our friend and singer-songwriter Jaimi Faulkner is currently on tour through Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria. Jaimi will play gigs in several major cities and legendary clubs like the ‘Backstage’ in Munich or the ‘Garage’ in Saarbrücken promoting his new album ‘Up All Night’. The new LP will be released on March 13th, 2015.

Here is a small selection of the upcoming tour dates:

26.02.2015           Lauenau, Kesselhaus (solo)

05.03.2015           Osnabrück, Lutherhaus (solo)

14.03.2015           Ravensburg, Zehntscheuer (double concert w/Christina Lux)

17.03.2015           Amsterdam, Paradiso (Band)

23.03.2015           Cologne, Blue Shell  (Band)

24.03.2015           Munich,  Backstage  (Band)

25.03.2015           Zurich, Bar Rossi (Band)

26.03.2015           Vienna, Chelsea (Band)

27.03.2015           Dresden, Jazzclub Tonne (Band)

28.03.2015           Berlin, Crystal Club (Band)

29.03.2015           Hamburg, Prinzenbar (Band)

01.04.2015           Saarbrucken, Garage (Band)

02.04.2015           Luxembourg, Soulkitchen  (Band)

For more information please check out the official Jaimi Faulkner website!

On stage, Jaimi relies on his Curly Koa CK-TEK tenor uke with the Fishman KULA EQ.

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